🦄 Retinol alternative to reduce the appearance of lip wrinkles and fine lines around the lips.

💜 Naturally plumps and give lips a youthful appearance and reduces the visible signs of ageing.

🦄 Evens out lip colour, discoloured and smokers lips 

💜 Enhances lip absorption, allowing lips to penetrate deeper and provide better hydration especially when paired with Handmade Heroes bakuchiol lip mask.

Key Ingredients:

🔮 1% Bakuchiol: A natural Retinol alternative, Bakuchiol offers similar benefits to retinol without the potential for irritation, promoting skin renewal, and reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

🌱Jojoba Oil: Rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids, jojoba oil provides and reinforces the skin's natural barrier support, improving its ability to retain moisture.

🥑 Avocado oil: rich in fatty acids and lipids, avocado oil provides deep moisturization that penetrate deeply, providing intense hydration to dry and parched skin.

🍭 Sugar: a physical exfoliant that is environmentally friendly, gently removing dead skin cells and promoting a smoother skin texture.