At Handmade Heroes, our ethos have always been about creating quality cruelty free vegan, natural and nourishing formulas that work. We strive to create the best natural skincare that is both accessible and affordable for everyone. 

But we don't just care about animals and humans alike, we care about our planet too. The skincare industry is long overdue for a clean-up.

Clean Formulas - Micro-plastic and Syntheic Chemical free
Our clean, cruelty-free, vegan formulas are just the start. We don't use any micro plastics or synthetics chemicals in our formulas that can leech into the oceans and affect marine lives. Instead, we use salt and sugar as natural exfoliants and botanical oils, extracts and botanical preservatives, that are safer and cleaner for the environment.

Plastic Neutral Packaging
What our products are packaged in matters, too. The plastics, aluminium and glass used in our packaging are recycle-able (read how to recycle our packaging here

As of 2020, we could not be happier to announce that Handmade Heroes uses Plastic Neutral Packaging.

We worked with Seven Clean Seas to clean up and recover 1,630kg of plastic from the marine environment, specifically, the South China Sea.

Watch this space as we update more details our on Plastic Neutral Packaging and sustainability journey.